The Monster Board

monsterboard4Successful folks start at the finish, creating a coherent vision that emotionally drives them to action. But this vision doesn’t remain inside, crowding the mind’s stage, it’s written down for self-accountability. Self-accountability, however, isn’t sufficient—external accountability merges with support from a “team” to whom they’ve announced their vision. All that’s left is to act with purposeful, goal-driven behavior.

Each part of the progression makes us accountable for success.

It begins with owning the process, defining a vision worth capturing in writing and sharing it with people that care about you. As a member of the RTS family, you’ll do that on the Monster Board.

In the new RTS space, the Monster Board spans an entire wall and it’s made of magnetic material. When you set a goal, you write it on a magnet, along with your name and date the goal’s achieved, and post it to the board.

In doing this you overcome the fear of accepting your goal, you declare your goal publicly and you involve your RTS support team—your coaches and your fellow RTS athletes. You hold yourself accountable for your success, and you give people that care about you the means to help you.

Beside your magnet you’ll find the names and goals of your coaches and your fellow RTS athletes. We all declare together; we’re all in this together.

The collective goal is individual success—an environment that incubates achievement and moves us all forward.

All that’s left is action. With a clear vision hesitation is evaded—you undauntedly perform to your potential. As a team we trust in the RTS process and take the necessary steps to bring our individual declarations to fruition.

Mike Ranfone ~ BS, CSCS, LMT, FRC, ART
Mike Ranfone ~ BS, CSCS, LMT, FRC, ART

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