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Nutrition is often athletic preparation’s forgotten element, but a sound nutrition plan is pivotal for reaping training’s benefits. Our nutrition coach analyzes your current diet and helps you devise a strategy that meets your goals.

> Gain muscle, lose fat, promote health
> Learn about how food affects training
> Customized nutrition plans


Level One: Free (with the purchase of any package)

Level One nutrition services is the base from which all your goals are set. Goal setting and success are rooted in two things: knowing your starting point and accurate tracking and self assessment.

Level One includes completing and reviewing a food journal and getting a baseline measurement all relevant stats with the InBody. The InBody is a powerful tool which measures numerous physical attributes to determine exactly where you are starting which means assessing areas for improvement as well as strengths.

Use Level One as your first steps towards achieving your health, physique and athletic goals.

Level Two: $99 per month

Level Two nutrition services take all of the baseline information used in Level One and help us create a plan for success as well as support you along the way.

Level Two includes a food journal and intake review, baseline measurements on the InBody, a one time 30 minute consultation specifically designed for you and your goals and weekly email support for an entire month.

The consultation allows us to collaborate and give you a plan, achievable goals, markers for success and the tools necessary to get started. The weekly email support is there to continually guide you as you improve and move forward so you stay on track and build upon your successes.

Level Three: $159 per month

Level Three nutrition services utilize all the information from your food journal, intake and InBody screening to create a comprehensive nutrition plan and set goals specifically for you, in great detail and with continual support.

Level Three consists of two 30 minute consultations for the month, occuring at the beginning and two week mark as well as 24/7 email support. Level Three can be utilized to create specific meal plans, detailed macronutrient guides, supplement strategies, grocery lists and more.

This level allows is the top tier in custom nutrition, continuous support and detailed measuring to ensure you achieve the most consistent, sustainable and positive results.

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